About Us

Where we've come from

Even having lived it, it is hard to believe that such a small un-endowed NGO has accomplished so much, with very little funds, in such a short time. We only formed this NGO when we incorporated in September 2008. We dug our first foundation footer for the Moringa Community School of Trades (MCST) in January 2009.  Through primarily private donations, the spirit of volunteerism, and the full vesting of sweat-equity by recipients of this remarkable outreach program, Moringa Community raised a fully functioning trade school up out of thick (in country) African bush in just just three short years. We used only Mr. Jeffry’s Third World Machine Shop (originally run by generator) to construct our wooden brick molding box forms and to saw the wood for door frames and roof rafters, no other machinery was used or available.  The work was done entirely by the villagers themselves (all volunteers), completely by hand labor. Village children gathered the stones, one at a time, for the aggregate for concrete.  All of our cement was hand mixed by hoe and trowel.  All excavation was done completely by hand with pick and shovel. This wonderful and stunning outcome was done entirely by the heart and hand labor of man, woman, and children in the interest of hope for a better and dignified quality of life for an extremely impoverished community.

A full history describing where this project originated, where we've been, and where we hope to be going can be read here an in-depth article published in the magazine Works and Conversations in 2010.  Although we have made enormous progress since this article was written, it will give the reader an understanding of the spark that ignited the Moringa Project and from what our unique NGO has been wrought.

Where we hope to go

Coming Soon: A description of the goals of the organization and school

ABout our name

Coming Soon: Photos and a description of why the many uses, special qualities, and constant discoveries about the Moringa Tree relate to what we do at the MSCOT