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Kentey is the most prestigious of all the cloths there are in Ghana. Because of its quality and the prestige attached to this cloth, it is the most expensive among the line of traditional cloths. The amazing thing about this cloth is that any colour combination of a customers’ choice, there wouldn’t be any difficulty getting it. Another amazing thing about this cloth is that because of its colour combination, it tells the appropriate function to which the cloth can be worn. Functions like funerals, marriage ceremonies both traditional and wedding, festivals and churches’ festive seasons. This cloth is woven and it originated from Bonwire, a town in Ghana’s Ashanti region. Since it originated from Bonwire, it won’t be wrong to assume that Kentey from this town is the best as compared to those from other towns. That said, we are proud to say that our Kentey master mastered his skills in Kente weaving where the cloth originated from. That means Moringa produces the best Kentey as well. Our Kentey is unique, stylish, colourful and of great quality. If you want the best Kente cloth, hesitate not to contact us and any quantity you may need will be supplied.



Kentey isn’t the only cloth Moringa makes but Batik as well. It is a dyed colico where the Ghanaian symbols – the Adinkra is stamped on them. It comes in different colours and symbols. It is of high quality but less expensive as compared to the Kentey. It can be used for all functions and when it is worn, it tells which part of Africa you come from or which part of Africa you have visited.   





There are so many uses for bamboo but Moringa chose to produce something that is simple, mobile and serves as container – the bamboo bag. This idea was born as a result of the filth and soil degradation plastics cause in Ghana. Paper bags are not common in Ghana, all that is known is the polythene bag. However, these plastic bags are not disposed properly but indiscriminately causing gutters to choke leading to flooding when it rains, increasing filth resulting in cholera and mosquitoes breeding leading to malaria. Also, destroying the soil meant for farming because plastics cannot decay or rot no matter how long they remain in soil. The bamboo bag lasts longer than plastics and even paper bags because it is strong. It can be used to carry any form of purchases from the market or grocery shop. If there is no use for it any more, it won’t have any effect on the environment even if it is disposed wrongly. Let us keep Ghana and the world clean to be a safer place by purchasing our bamboo bags.